Germany is one of the most important production centres in the world for gherkins and cornichons. Grown by contracted farmers, the gherkins of Germany are ready for harvest in early June, mid-July, lasting until the end of September. The gherkins collected from the fields are processed within 24 hours in jars. Upon arrival at one of our factories in Germany, they are calibrated again with high-precision machines according to customer requirements.

Gherkins add taste to nearly all of the world’s cuisines, and can be utilised in many different ways and forms. GLOBALVEGS has become a specialist for gherkin products filled manually and automatically into jars and tins. Taking advantage of the climates in different countries, our company has been able to increase its capacity to millions of jars and tins of preserved gherkin sticks/spears/cubes. At the same time, GLOBALVEGS offers to its customers gherkin products such as Stackers, Crinkle and, Normal Cut Rondells.

All of our products in the following sizes: