Red Peppers
Our company’s product range also encompasses red peppers of the Topa variety, raised from carefully selected seeds by a small number of contracted growers. The peppers are cut into cubes or strips of any size according to the customer’s requirements. We also use green and yellow peppers, to add ‘tricolour peppers’ to our range.

Hot Chili Peppers 
GLOBALVEGS does not only process general specialities, but also pepper varieties such as Lombardi that were introduced to Germany later, and are only grown for food industry purposes. These peppers are first sorted according to the size in compliance with customer specifications and then filled into jars or tins by hand individually with our skilled workers applying the utmost care. Roasted peppers are made out of Capia variety peppers. The way of processing roasted peppers is to grill them, skin them with special devices, and then pack them individually.

All of our products in the following sizes:

Bell Peppers